Book an appointment with the CFUE for assistance in urban planning and environmental matters



Any citizen, company or municipality wishing to undertake a planning, urbanisation or development project can contact the Facilitation Unit for Urban Planning and Environment (CFUE) of the Ministry for Digitalisation for technical assistance and advice within the framework of planning and authorisation processes.

Pragmatic assistance

The assistance offered by the CFUE is centered on the needs of the client and makes it possible to address the latter's questions, provide them with an overview of the applicable laws and regulations and determine together which steps are required to achieve their project.

Ideally, contact with the CFUE should take place at an early stage of a planning process, before the official procedures are initiated. However, the CFUE can also act as a mediator in the event of prolonged silence or non-compliance with a deadline for responding to an authorisation request.

How to book an appointment?

Appointments are made via The applicant is invited to provide some explanations in relation to his project and to attach explanatory documents if necessary. Subsequently, the CFUE team analyses the situation as well as the legal and regulatory framework according to the context of the project. An interview (in person or by videoconference) then makes it possible to jointly review the rules applicable to the plot of land and the project in question and to discuss specific requirements.

In which case can one contact the CFUE?

The questions that the CFUE can answer are many and varied. Here are some examples:

For citizens

I’m the owner of an unbuilt plot of land in an urbanised area. How can I determine if the land is buildable? What constraints need to be taken into account? What studies are needed? What could be the timeline? Which ministries or administrations should I contact?

For companies

I run a company in Luxembourg and I am think about expanding my production site. I would like to have information about the authorisation processes that apply to my project, the scope of the studies to be undertaken and the time required before the work can start. In short, I need predictability to foster investment.

For municipalities

I am the mayor of a municipality and I want to develop an urbanisation project. How can the state support my municipality in this process?

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